Best RPG games for iPad and iPhone for free. Top iOS RPGs of January 2015

Best RPG games for iPad and iPhone

Video games is an opportunity to become someone else for some time and experience something new. And the best way to do that is RPG (role playing games). You may make up your own characters and form your own plot, creating a unique story. We offer you the list of top iPhone RPG games that are worth playing.

What is RPG?

In RPG players perform the roles of some (or one) characters in fictional settings. They act in the frames of a story, making the narrative develop through continuous playing process, series of decision making or by character development. Of course, in each game some rules or principles exist according to which players' actions are defined as failure or successful ones. The best free iOS RPG on iPad and iPhone are interesting and complex: user's decisions define the variant of plot, whereas this or that action may lead to a completely different final.

Except the classic RPGs, there are extremely popular MMORPGs, where millions of users from all around the world may compete together or against each other. All these games are played online, and users constantly keep in touch, connecting their virtual characters. There are also text-based RPGs that comprise storytelling and actions of a single player.

If you think this game form is not for you, install one of the best iPhone RPG games we offer. Select the genre you like: fiction, detectives, adventure, quest, horror, fantasy, fantastic, historical, etc. Thus, you will enjoy the atmosphere of a game and like its characters. There are suitable variants in our top iPhone RPG games, and you will definitely find out something interesting. RPG can be gripping for people of any age, sex and status.

Best iOS RPG games

There are hundreds of various role playing games in the AppStore, and it’s hard to find the ones with gripping plot and immersing stories. But the games we have gathered for you:
  • Have fantastic graphics and decorations;
  • Present stories taking place in any place of the world or even Universe;
  • Designed in different styles: from high-tech to fantasy;
  • Combine all kinds of activities: quests, combats, exploration, shooting, riding and interaction with other characters. You won’t get bored, because the games are multi-faceted;
  • Allow controlling your hero as you wish. You decide how the character looks, develop skills and communicates with all other players;
  • Are available in AppStore: we give direct links for downloading;
  • Totally free;
  • Are constantly renewed and improved.

And note that best RPG for iOS may be successfully installed on all Apple devices supporting applications. They don’t require a lot of space in the internal memory, and don’t overload hardware. This is an optimal solution for those who download lots of various programs and games and prefer keeping them on one platform.

Benefits of RPG

If you have resolved to download good RPG games for iPad and iPhone on your iOS device, there is no need to search for long. We have the list of worthy variants with direct links to the AppStore. Now you don't have to comb through its endless catalogue and try thousands of games – everything you will like is present here! And pay attention to the fact that we provide links to free RPG games for iPhone and iPad. You have the chance to download the full version or demo version on your smartphone or tablet without paying a penny!

But that's not the only advantage of the games we offer:
  1. They give you the opportunity to manage your character as you like – do what you want, act how you wish, and develop your hero your own way.
  2. Every RPG game is a separate story, and you decide how it will evolve and end. Thus, you won't get bored from one and the same game – our list is constantly renewed.
  3. This is a nice opportunity to learn a lot of new information from history, mythology, technology, etc. depending on the game type. The number of genres is not restricted.
  4. The best RPGs for iPad and iPhone don't require a lot of memory and battery charge. This software is easily installed and used.
  5. If you want to combine social interaction with joy of playing, install MMORPGs and communicate with people from all over the world.
  6. All games we offer are free of charge. Download, install and test them to find the most suitable variants and work out the right strategy.

Our top RPG games for iPad and iPhone are carefully selected for the real connoisseurs. We have collected the freshest, the most interesting, the most gripping and worthy editions that will satisfy the most experienced gamers. The list is constantly renewed, and if you don’t see anything catchy now, tomorrow we will offer what is suitable for you. RPG is a good way to become someone else for a couple of hours, experience the joy of travelling, fierce of fighting and thrill of exploration.